2019 Portfolio of Ari Abad
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Outback Steakhouse

800 chain restaurants were scheduled to close in 2018.



The rise of QSR and at-home dining has not been working in favor of chain restaurants. "I haven't been to Outback in SO LONG" is what we kept hearing from people. Casual dining restaurants are losing their differentiating identities. In short, they're boring.

The Australian Identity of Outback is Lost

We studied the Australian culture and fused it back into the restaurant.


Australian Culture


Food is really just an excuse to gather around the grill. 

Australians value connectivity. They are very conversational and friendly.

Australians are laid-back, open, and outgoing.

Leisure and recreation are their biggest spending categories.


Americans leave little or no time to inhale and enjoy some downtime


Outback is a place to appreciate small moments


Outback is an escape to Australian lifestyle

The Easy Goer

Age 25-55

  • Works hard to get to the top of their career

  • Goes to restaurants to spend quality time with those they love

  • Organizes group gatherings and enjoys entertaining people at their home

  • Prefers a consistent experience over a new unexpected one

Brand Essence Video

New Plan

A grill worth gathering around. 

Take the lifestyle home.

Waiting areas are now playing areas.

Not into meat? Grill the veggies. 

Click on the photo to view the new menu.


Burn your worries away. 

This will live on Outback's website during the renovation, A physical manifestation of this will later be at Outback locations.

Getting the word out. 

We are carrying out the Australian unapologetic laid-back lifestyle with a campaign. 




Direct Mail

My Role


Competitive analysis

Creative Brief



My Team

Rachel Street (CBM)

Zach Brown (CBM)

Imani Lee (ST)

Kelley Bode (CW)

Katie Paxton (AD)

Rachel Zhou (CD)